South Los Angeles, District 8 has the highest rate of overall diseases, homicide, diabetes, childhood obesity, high blood pressure, cancer and vehicular crashes. Council District 8 is disproportionately, maltreated, due to the inequalities in the healthcare and physical resource community.

ART ‘N’ FOOD, created the Sidewalk Café, to demonstrate healthy food preparation and choices, to rid the South Los Angeles area of the many diseases that our plaguing our communities. Many of the vegetables and fruits, that are prepared at the Sidewalk Café, are provided by the Five Points Youth Foundation, community garden and, or other community gardens nearby.

Many studies have shown that a balanced diet, leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit, legumes and grains, are quintessential to living a healthy life.

The Sidewalk Café, service the community every Friday, rain or shine. We’re on the sidewalk in front of 5445 S. Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90043.